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Nothing but great things to say about these little beauties. Grohmann knives are fantastic, reliable knives that come in a variety of shapes and designs to suit each user for their own personal needs.

Not only are they top quality, but aesthetically pleasing. Each knife is hand made in Pictou Nova Scotia, and truly unique. From stud placement, to the grain of wood used, each of these little puppies has their own personality. It is safe to say that no two Grohmann knives are alike.

The first wonderful thing I noticed was blade retention. Using my Mini Russel daily, I found having to run to the sharpener everyday was a thing of the past. Using a 56-58 Rockwell hardness, these knives mean business. Holding that edge through many different tasks allowing you to work with ease and confidence. However, when it does comes down to sharpening time, the edge is easily attained, so no need to worry.

My goodness, the history alone is enough to make you jump on the Grohmann band wagon and pick one up. This Canadian designed knife started in 1957 as the original D.H. Russell belt knife, and became the original paratrooper issued knife. Talk about a good reputation.

To anybody looking for a knife of a lifetime that you can depend on in any outdoor situation, these knives are well worth your consideration.

Get your SAS On!