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Garmont Santiago GTX
This boot has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of kit. Not only pretty but tough as hell. Sporting tech and features that make it a step above the rest. They are so versatile I would recommend the Santiago GTX to the most rugged hiker or someone just looking for something comfortable for around town.
Let's talk tech. These slick little devils are flaunting GORE-TEX to keep you dry while allowing your feet to breath. No more need to fear ankle high puddles any longer! The Santiago GTX has Vibram Megagrip which is anything but slick! Megagrip gives an excellent hold on wet terrain whether it be a bolder in the rain or an unmopped floor of a pub. The durable toe cap literally takes a kicking with little sign of wear.  My favourite feature on the boots has to be the Heel Lock. As you tie the laces, automatically a strap tightens around your ankle adding superior ankle support and stability. It's like a hug from  Dwayne Johnson, comforting, safe yet firm and rugged. This is just the tip of the iceberg. These shoes have so many good tech features it's too much to list here.
Garmont boots are boots, meaning there is a break-in time. After a week or so they will be molded to you feet and you won't want to take them off. I would wear them to bed if my partner would let me. To be honest, I resent her for it but I think we can move past it. I have never had a better fitting pair of footwear.
In short, the science going into these shoes is incredible, the comfort is unparalleled, they look pretty darn swell, and they are tough as nails.  These boots are a solid buy and once you break them in you will feel bitter indignation every moment they are off your feet.

Get your SAS On!