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When hunting season ends and the brutal cold of Winter arrives, many hunters will be looking to store their equipment until Spring. Proper ammo storage is an essential part of this process and should not be overlooked.

While storing ammo may seem simple, there are several best practices for keeping your ammunition ready for Spring. In addition to these ammo storage ideas, there are also a number of precautions to follow and ammo storage places to avoid.

Storing Ammo in Ammo Cans

No matter what anyone tells you, the best place to store ammo is still inside an ammo can. Most ammo cans are both air-tight and water-tight making them a secure spot to store your ammunition and keep it unexposed to the outside elements.

Ammo cans come in a wide range of sizes to fit the specific needs of your ammunition. Many ammo boxes used today were previously -- 300w" sizes="(max-width: 250px) 100vw, 250px" These military ammo cans were designed specifically for storage during transportation from site to site. This is an additional benefit for those outdoorsmen who travel with ammunition a lot or keep their ammo stored away from their home.

With a tight waterproof seal, most moisture is kept outside of ammo boxes and never affects the contents inside. However, some humidity and condensation can potentially seep through causing damage to your ammunition. One of the great benefits of using an enclosed ammo container is that measures can be taken to counteract these damaging elements. Dry packets will absorb this moisture when added inside of your ammo box.

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