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One of my favourite items we sell at Smith Army Surplus is the military issue ranger blanket.It is commonly sold in the woodland camo pattern but it is also available in black olive ,desert and many other camo patterns.Regardless of the pattern the usage stays the same.I personally own 4 ranger blankets and I have used them all at one time or another as a beach blanket,a shade cover a poncho liner and camp fire blanket. Not to mention the many times I have used my blanket as a liner for my sleeping bag to add a temperature rating to my bag. The ranger blanket is tough, light weight and quick drying and dirt just brushes off. I believe this item should be part of every outdoor excursion and part of your emergency kit.We at SAS stock new and used Ranger blankets so starting at $29.95 this will be one of the better bargains of your outdoor gear.

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