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If you love quality knives then it is hard to not have heard of Grohmann.
Canadian made by a Canadian company these knives are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. Holding themselves to a higher standard and utilitarian designs has earned Grohmann a home in personal collections and on hiking trails across the globe.
Every knife from their line is such high quality that I can not say enough about them and the fillet knife is no exception. With blade lengths of 5",6",7" and 8" of high-carbon stainless steel this blade has the flex and strength you need no matter if your meal to be is a perch or crappie right up to the big boys like lake trout or salmon and the rosewood handle is the perfect fit in the palm of your hand.
Take it from me "Jay" fishing fanatic and son of a fishing guide...once you have one of these knives you won't know how you did without.....really I now have one in my fishing bag and one in the kitchen.
                                                                                   Jay "Assistant Manager at S.A.S"
"I love S.A.S, when I travel on business from Toronto to Ottawa I stop in Kingston to see you guys ever since I got my dad that fillet knife you suggested for his birthday. He loves that thing".
- Customer.

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