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Nothing but great things to say about these little beauties. Grohmann knives are fantastic, reliable knives that come in a variety of shapes and designs to suit each user for their own personal needs.

Not only are they top quality, but aesthetically pleasing. Each knife is hand made in Pictou Nova Scotia, and truly unique. From stud placement, to the grain of wood used, each of these little puppies has their own personality. It is safe to say that no two Grohmann knives are alike.

The first wonderful thing I noticed was blade retention. Using my Mini Russel daily, I found having to run to the sharpener everyday was a thing of the past. Using a 56-58 Rockwell hardness, these knives mean business. Holding that edge through many different tasks allowing you to work with ease and confidence. However, when it does comes down to sharpening time, the edge is easily attained, so no need to worry.

My goodness, the history alone is enough to make you jump on the Grohmann band wagon and pick one up. This Canadian designed knife started in 1957 as the original D.H. Russell belt knife, and became the original paratrooper issued knife. Talk about a good reputation.

To anybody looking for a knife of a lifetime that you can depend on in any outdoor situation, these knives are well worth your consideration.

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From my own personal experience, the Condor Summit softshell jackets are a great jacket for any rainy or snowy day. I've personally owned one for 4 years now, and as someone who walks to and from work everyday, I've put it through its paces and it has never failed me. From tactical to practical, these jackets have it all. 

The velcro patch spots on this jacket are amazing, durable and fun to customize. I've had 4 patches on my jacket for the last 4 years without any issues with them falling off. 
As far as function goes, the pockets in these jackets are fantastic. Having so many different pocket locations, it will provide you with plenty of room for carrying whatever you might need to on your daily travels through the city, or on the trails through your favorite parks. Who needs a backpack when you have a Condor softshell? Not this guy, that's for sure.
Here are a few more great features it has to offer.
Specifications Include:
  • Lined stand-up collar
  • Stow-away hoodie
  • Two shoulder pockets
  • Two 3.5"W x 4"H shoulder patch panels
  • Two internal pockets
  • Two highrise slash chest pockets
  • Forearm pocket
  • Double zipper back pocket
  • Underarm vent zipper
  • Double layer reinforced forearm
  • Drawstring waistband and hood
  • Adjustable wrist cuff
  • Full front YKK zipper with double zipper pull 
Good luck discovering all of these things on your first day.
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At Smith Army Surplus we have established through the years a very good relationship with many Professional and Government organizations such as the Canadian Armed Forces, Kingston Police,Kingston Fire Dept,Corrections and  Kingston Bylaw to name a few.We offer a 10% discount with ID to these establishments so if you think you qualify please ask our staff.We do not offer a discount unless you present your ID at the time of purchase.If you have a organization and wish to talk about a group discount please contact our store and ask for the owner or manager. 

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One of my favourite items we sell at Smith Army Surplus is the military issue ranger blanket.It is commonly sold in the woodland camo pattern but it is also available in black olive ,desert and many other camo patterns.Regardless of the pattern the usage stays the same.I personally own 4 ranger blankets and I have used them all at one time or another as a beach blanket,a shade cover a poncho liner and camp fire blanket. Not to mention the many times I have used my blanket as a liner for my sleeping bag to add a temperature rating to my bag. The ranger blanket is tough, light weight and quick drying and dirt just brushes off. I believe this item should be part of every outdoor excursion and part of your emergency kit.We at SAS stock new and used Ranger blankets so starting at $29.95 this will be one of the better bargains of your outdoor gear.

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Garmont Santiago GTX
This boot has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of kit. Not only pretty but tough as hell. Sporting tech and features that make it a step above the rest. They are so versatile I would recommend the Santiago GTX to the most rugged hiker or someone just looking for something comfortable for around town.
Let's talk tech. These slick little devils are flaunting GORE-TEX to keep you dry while allowing your feet to breath. No more need to fear ankle high puddles any longer! The Santiago GTX has Vibram Megagrip which is anything but slick! Megagrip gives an excellent hold on wet terrain whether it be a bolder in the rain or an unmopped floor of a pub. The durable toe cap literally takes a kicking with little sign of wear.  My favourite feature on the boots has to be the Heel Lock. As you tie the laces, automatically a strap tightens around your ankle adding superior ankle support and stability. It's like a hug from  Dwayne Johnson, comforting, safe yet firm and rugged. This is just the tip of the iceberg. These shoes have so many good tech features it's too much to list here.
Garmont boots are boots, meaning there is a break-in time. After a week or so they will be molded to you feet and you won't want to take them off. I would wear them to bed if my partner would let me. To be honest, I resent her for it but I think we can move past it. I have never had a better fitting pair of footwear.
In short, the science going into these shoes is incredible, the comfort is unparalleled, they look pretty darn swell, and they are tough as nails.  These boots are a solid buy and once you break them in you will feel bitter indignation every moment they are off your feet.
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Smith Army Surplus is more than just Surplus.

People most often say "Wow, I can't believe you have all this in here!"

Many surplus stores have gone the way of the Dodo. Smith Army Surplus has evolved and improved over its 27 years To meet the ever changing needs of its clientèle.

Once catering to mainly outdoor enthusiasts and collectors, Smith Army Surplus has its irons in many fires. We provide uniform and tactical supplies to many large governmental and non governmental agencies. And still manage to make the person walking in off of Princess St. with that exact right perfect thing they didn't know they needed until they saw it.

Because Army Surplus deals with both well known and not so well known suppliers, it is likely you will come away with a one of a kind item and most definitely a one of a kind experience.

Smith Army Surplus excels at customer service and takes pride in being able to give expert experienced advice. Whether it be replacing a broken pack clip or boot lace to providing boots to a Cadet Corp or hard to fit members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Ladies are always surprised to see fine Italian silk garments to beautiful boots and bags.

So, if you are looking for quality products and knowledgeable people willing to help you, we are here.

Come see what you have been missing.

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If you love quality knives then it is hard to not have heard of Grohmann.
Canadian made by a Canadian company these knives are celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. Holding themselves to a higher standard and utilitarian designs has earned Grohmann a home in personal collections and on hiking trails across the globe.
Every knife from their line is such high quality that I can not say enough about them and the fillet knife is no exception. With blade lengths of 5",6",7" and 8" of high-carbon stainless steel this blade has the flex and strength you need no matter if your meal to be is a perch or crappie right up to the big boys like lake trout or salmon and the rosewood handle is the perfect fit in the palm of your hand.
Take it from me "Jay" fishing fanatic and son of a fishing guide...once you have one of these knives you won't know how you did without.....really I now have one in my fishing bag and one in the kitchen.
                                                                                   Jay "Assistant Manager at S.A.S"
"I love S.A.S, when I travel on business from Toronto to Ottawa I stop in Kingston to see you guys ever since I got my dad that fillet knife you suggested for his birthday. He loves that thing".
- Customer.
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When hunting season ends and the brutal cold of Winter arrives, many hunters will be looking to store their equipment until Spring. Proper ammo storage is an essential part of this process and should not be overlooked.

While storing ammo may seem simple, there are several best practices for keeping your ammunition ready for Spring. In addition to these ammo storage ideas, there are also a number of precautions to follow and ammo storage places to avoid.

Storing Ammo in Ammo Cans

No matter what anyone tells you, the best place to store ammo is still inside an ammo can. Most ammo cans are both air-tight and water-tight making them a secure spot to store your ammunition and keep it unexposed to the outside elements.

Ammo cans come in a wide range of sizes to fit the specific needs of your ammunition. Many ammo boxes used today were previously -- 300w" sizes="(max-width: 250px) 100vw, 250px" These military ammo cans were designed specifically for storage during transportation from site to site. This is an additional benefit for those outdoorsmen who travel with ammunition a lot or keep their ammo stored away from their home.

With a tight waterproof seal, most moisture is kept outside of ammo boxes and never affects the contents inside. However, some humidity and condensation can potentially seep through causing damage to your ammunition. One of the great benefits of using an enclosed ammo container is that measures can be taken to counteract these damaging elements. Dry packets will absorb this moisture when added inside of your ammo box.

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Stating now till March 1st 2018 all winter Jackets are on sale at 20% to 50 % off . Pleanty of great inventory left.Also check out our winter boots on sale till they are gone.

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