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Our store is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working on an
e-commerce website, however, its not yet up and running.
If you see something you would like to purchase, send us an e-mail at

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Smith Army Surplus - Since 1990

Quality brand names in outdoor and camping gear, knives and multitools, paintball guns and gear, policing and security equipment, military and tactical wear, and vintage clothing from around the world.

At SAS, we proudly carry official Canadian military surplus clothing and gear.   Camping and outdoor enthusiasts love the quality and value what genuine military surplus offers.

At SAS, we maintain military clothing and gear from around the world that is both fashionable and functional.  We at SmithArmy Surplus continue to expand our military, police and tactical lines of clothing, equipment and footwear and can supply professional government agencies to meet their requirements.



Our  Enthusiastic Staff

Our small sales staff is focused on customer service and is well versed in all aspects of military gear and your outdoor adventure needs. In addition, we're committed to maintaining a fair price point.  We want each of our customers to leave with the feeling that they found exactly what they needed and didn't pay more than necessary.


Our Mission

Our mission at SAS is to have a comfortable, relaxed and fun environment to shop for quality and functional gear.

We value customer service and strive to ensure our customers leave the store with better knowledge and satisfaction with their purchase.

We also strive to maintain a large and varied inventory to keep our customers happy and outfitted with the newest gear. As well, we are a locally owned business and has included in our mandate to give back to the community.

Smith Army Surplus has officially launched our new website to showcases our inventory. Every effort will be made to keep our website up to date, however, to be sure the item you are interested is in stock please call the store. As well, if there is something you are interested in but it is not shown on the website, please call us – we may be able to order it for you!

As the owner of Smith Army Surplus, I am very proud of my store and our staff who run the day to day operations. My hope is this new website will help inform our customers what SAS is all about and encourage you to come visit us in person. We are a unique store with a large and varied inventory.

Get your SAS On!