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SAS Branded String Pack

SAS Branded String Pack

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SAS Branded String Pack

Linen Pack 

Twins for Hope is a Canadian based initiative, focused on assisting children and families in need in Vietnam.

Twins for Hope was created in 2016 in honor of Binh and Phuoc Wagner, two little Vietnamese twin girls adopted by a Canadian family in 2012. Both twins captured the world's attention in 2015 when the family made a public appeal as both girls needed a life-saving liver transplant, due to a genetic condition known as Alagille syndrome.


Twins for Hope strives to ensure that Vietnamese children in need receive medical, educational, and community support they deserve. This includes access to safe and secure shelter, medical attention and schooling, so that they can thrive and grow to be productive members of their community.

Twins for hope will work diligently to advocate for children that do not have a voice – giving them the opportunity to take part in society, thereby ensuring that the individual child as well as the greater community benefit from this untapped human potential. 


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